Proposal Design


Quality Proposal Design to Help Win Your Next Proposal

You know that proposals are a lot of work, filled with specific requirements that many times cost you long hours and many late nights in order to complete. Worse, they might be costing you money.

A tremendous amount of work goes into positioning your company to win the bid, including information gathering and writing, formatting and submitting the correct number of copies before the deadline. Without proper planning, resources, and expertise, you may fail to win more of the work you should win.

Keystone Resources is also the only full-service proposal agency in Houston, Texas and serve clients around the country.  Plus, we have over two decades of proposal and design experience, a team of APMP certified proposal managers, and are able to boast an 87% win rate for ourselves and our clients.

Better proposals. More wins. More revenue.

Why Hire a Full-service Proposal Agency for Proposal Design Services?

Hiring a full-service proposal agency gives you the peace of mind that your proposal will be handled by our team of experts from start to finish, keeping everything organized and sensitive company or financial information confidential. To win more you will need to know more than how to ensure your proposal is compliant and how to create more appealing proposals filled with visuals.

By partnering with Keystone Resources’ team of proposal experts, your team will receive a proposal that is compliant, responsive, and that persuasively communicates why your business is the best choice for the job. Keystone Resources has a proven process that can help with a wide variety of problems when putting together RFP, RFI and RFQ responses.

We begin each proposal with a comprehensive discovery process in which we work with your company’s subject matter experts to choose the highlights of your organization that best align with the win themes we identify for the proposal. We use your experience and key differentiators to create a strategy aligning your company’s strengths with the needs of the potential new client. This shows the potential client that you are THE company for the job.

Our experts will project manage every aspect of the proposal, keeping an eye on the schedule of deliverables and ensuring every piece of the proposal comes together before the deadline. Throughout the process, we check that numbers are accurate, tone of the content is consistent and that the custom tabs, covers and graphics that we design support and strengthen your message.

All of the above is why we have such a high win rate in the proposal world (87%).

We also hand deliver your local proposals or ship your proposal to its final destination, overseeing the delivery of the submission to be sure it arrives safely and according to schedule.

Once you hear that you have been shortlisted we take your proposal one step further by transforming it into an engaging visual presentation and prepare your company representatives to help your company with their talking points to win the bid.

Supporting Your Internal RFP, RFI, RFQ Response Teams

Keystone Resources very often works with clients who have internal resources dedicated to proposals and RFP RFI, RFQ responses. Often our expertise can bring new skills and perspectives to your proposal design process. 

For those clients with internal teams we bring a fresh set of eyes with years of proposal experience in proposal strategy and tactical implementation. Here are some of the supplemental proposal services we provide:

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