While It Lasts

While It Lasts is the ultimate vintage and home goods buyer’s dream as they sell many unique items and offer visitors the chance to buy, sell and bid on home decor items.

While It Lasts approached Keystone Resources to build their brand from the ground up to help create and shape their image.

We created a fresh and modern brand that reflects the eclectic vintage buyer, interior designer or fashionista. We designed a brochure and other print collateral to accompany the brand materials. The website was built to have full e-commerce capabilities and contains areas for customer engagement.

The site’s classic design and imagery needed to serve a number of functions. While It Lasts at its core is an ecommerce site, but it also needed buyers and sellers to be able to create accounts, upload and buy products, to allow for various shipping or pickup options, to distribute payments to buyers, and to allow product to be entered into a separate auction process if the seller desired. The beautiful front-end masks a hard-working database and ecommerce platform, set up within a strong CMS that is mobile responsive, secure and allows the client to handle most updates themselves.

The site successfully launched and began selling unique products right away. We helped develop other marketing tools to support their digital and local marketing. We created a quirky motion graphic video for the “How To Be a Seller” page to add a personal touch and strengthen the brand identity.