Pine Place Development

Pine Place Development is a full-service community planning, development management, finance and design agency that holds multiple large-scale properties. Some of their projects include the development of a 162,00 SQ FT apartment, retail, office / commercial building, Morton’s Reserve in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Other development projects include the Kim Hung Market, Imperial Market and IHG Candlewood Suites Hotel. Pine Place Development is owned by longtime Keystone Resources’ friend and client, Mike Smith.

Pine Place Development hired Keystone Resources to assist with a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The request was put out by The Tulsa Development Authority, to present a development opportunity to qualified Developers wishing to do business in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The opportunity was for a mixed-use development building which would include office, commercial, retail space, banquet hall, jazz café, food and beverage facilities. Pine Place Development has a deep connection to Tulsa, particularly the area of town where development is taking place. Pine Place Development’s owner, Mike Smith, wanted to pay homage to B.C. Franklin, who was a lawyer in 1921 who served his community by assisting victims of the Tulsa Race Riot.

Keystone Resources had to interpret the deep rooted connection to TDA. We researched the history of B.C. Franklin and Tulsa. We also organized meetings with Pine Place Development and the architects to get feedback on the visualization of the proposal. Our proposal was a beautiful juxtaposition of the history and the modernization of Tulsa.