Houston Skin Associates

Houston Skin Associates is a leading dermatological practice in Houston, Texas with four locations. They are a longtime client of Keystone Resources.

They came to Keystone wanting to refresh their branding to align with their sister brand, Adara. They also wanted a revamped website design that would provide improved usability for their patients as well as fresh, streamlined copy written about their cosmetic and medical dermatological services.

We created a clean, bold design for the website that used isolated images of women with flawless skin and soft, neutral tones throughout the site to highlight their expertise in skincare. We rewrote all the content from the old website to improve tone and clarity as well as to boost search engine optimization and paid traffic conversion rates. The end result is a clean, easy-to-navigate website with beautiful imagery and well-written content.

The client then expressed interest in updating their monthly print ads. We used their feedback about wanting to emphasize luxury and high-end dermatology to create their new ads and branding. The ads now feature one large beautiful image of flawless skin, whether that be a face, shoulders, or back. We use the curves of the woman in each image to wrap our text to so it feels very organic and natural. The shape changes with every image used to make it unique to that specific ad.

Houston Skin Associates is extremely pleased with the new ads and we continue to provide them with all of their design and digital needs.