Healthcare Growth Partners

Healthcare Growth Partners is an exceptionally experienced Transaction & Strategic Advisory firm exclusively focused on the transformational Health IT market.

HGP came to Keystone Resources needing an updated website that was more appealing, that positioned them as thought leaders, promoted their unique industry content, and communicated their services.

Keystone took a holistic approach and began with a slight brand and color refresh, developing a strong positioning statement and updating some of their service labels. Because they serve a niche market in a unique way, we included specific call out messages and links to define their target markets, describe what they do for their clients and clearly state why they are different. We also developed a number of infographics to help support these messages in a clear, visual way.

The new design was a fresh and simple layout that positioned the firm as industry experts. We also added additional dynamic, searchable functionality to highlight their transaction experience.

To promote their regularly created industry content, we highlighted their Research and News on the homepage and throughout the site promoted newsletter registration. The new site was built on a strong CMS that is mobile responsive, secure and allows the client to handle most updates themselves.