Episcopal High School

Episcopal High School is a faith-centered four-year coeducational day school that provides instruction to college-bound students with a wide range of abilities.

EHS reached out to Keystone Resources requesting help with their yearly Light & Shadow artist showcase book. Students from the school are encouraged to submit creative writing, photography and multimedia art pieces. This book gives the students a chance to express themselves and get some recognition that may not be received normally from their peers.

We went to the school and met with the class of students that were the editors of the 2017 edition of Light & Shadow. We discussed their vision and presented moodboards to nail down a specific style they wanted the book to convey. They chose the paper style and design elements to aid in the creation of this book. The students raised the money through fundraisers in order to fund this book. They decided that they wanted an art deco look with a colorful image to make up the letters of the title.

This is the third edition that Keystone Resources has created for Episcopal High School. All three books are very different from each other in terms of the size, paper, colors, cover and layout. Each prose piece can be related to the artwork that sits across from it.

Overall, the students were very pleased with the outcome. It was great to work with them because you could tell that they wanted to create something that they could be proud of and Keystone aided in accomplishing that goal.