Construction Diversity Group

Construction Diversity Group, LLC (CDG) is a fully integrated construction management firm owned by a Service Disabled Minority Veteran based in Houston, TX. CDG specializes in civil construction, commercial plumbing, and commercial HVAC projects.

The client came to Keystone Resources seeking a brand refresh, a business plan, designed printed collateral and a brand-new website.

The ultimate goal was to create an identity that represented their company core values of diversity, Commitment, Dedication and Greatness. Their existing logo had lots of vibrant colors, so we ended up refreshing them as they were a way to represent diversity throughout the branding. The printed collateral and business plan utilized the logo icon along with a distinct grid system to emphasize the idea of construction.

The website was designed to have a unique sidebar navigation with all of the main content to the side giving CDG a sleek and modern edge. Keystone Resources designed a clean and innovative brand to set CDG apart from other construction companies. Keystone continues to work with CDG.