Carpet Touch

Carpet Touch has over 20 years of experience in cleaning residential homes and commercial buildings, including single family homes, apartments, housing projects, hospitals, schools, hotels, motels, offices, retail, and restaurants in the Houston area. Their main differentiator is that they utilize all-natural ingredients in their cleaning solution which makes it ideal for families and pets.

Carpet Touch came to Keystone Resources seeking help in rebranding their company in order to gain more clientele. They needed a logo refresh, new website, motion graphic video and social media promotions.

We wanted to create a cohesive brand that highlights their all-natural cleaning practices. We chose to use a droplet as their logo icon to symbolize the eco-friendly cleaner that they use, as well as the fact that they use steam to clean the carpets. We even gave the droplet a gradient effect and sliced in it a way that mimics steam. Greens and blues make up their new color palette as those colors are often associated with nature. Orange is used as an accent throughout the rebranding process in order to provide variety.

The website was designed to align with the brand and features an interactive “Before and After” slider to provide users with a deeper look into how Carpet Touch operates and the results they can create. We created a fun motion graphic video to promote the brand and enhance Carpet Touch’s personality.

For Digital Marketing, we helped gain new website traffic by implementing social media strategies including paid traffic ads with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, as well as organic social media strategies.