AGO Houston

The American Guild of Organists (AGO) is an organization that brings together musicians that share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ. AGO has chapters across the United States, as well as internationally in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.

AGO Houston hosted the 53rd bi-annual national convention in June 2016 and came to Keystone Resources seeking marketing pieces for the event.

We created pieces such as the 2016 logo, website, convention program book, ads, flyers and mobile app icons and banners.

The convention program book was the largest part of this package and the most important as it was a guide for anyone attending the conference. It included maps, lists of performances as well as performers, sponsorship ads, locations of events, figures and statistics of the money donated to the convention, special thanks to sponsors and convention schedules. The AGO Houston color palette was utilized in a way that made all the pieces cohesive. We incorporated the AGO Houston brand throughout all of the collateral while making the pieces enjoyable and easy to view and read.