The Proposal Manager has the responsibility of coordinating all phases of the agency's proposal process for both internal proposals as well as client proposals.  The Proposal Manager oversees all proposal activities, including directing proposal personnel, managing proposal schedules, and deadlines, developing proposal outlines and compliance matrixes, and monitoring the progress of the proposal. 

PowerPoint Pro Tips

We won’t bore you with the typical Turn Off Auto-Resize or Keep On-Screen Text to a Minimum, you’ve heard those tips a million times, instead lets get into the good stuff.
Everyone knows the world has become more reliant on mobile devices. When some of our clients started inquiring about mobile optimization for eNewsletters, we did a lot of research and were eager to try it out. Scout’s Honor Rescue had the honor of being the guinea pig for our first responsive eNewsletter project.
When delving into the depths of the business proposal world, all of the acronyms can seem wildly confusing. We are here to save the day and explain the various differences between RFI, RFP, and RFQ.

Outlook for Time Management

Managing one's time is a job in and of itself, but with the development of some beneficial habits, it can be achieved. Here are some helpful tips that may be applied through the use of proper email and workplace etiquette.
Choosing an email service can be overwhelming and may seem unnecessary. Why would you want to use one instead of simply emailing everyone on your contact list? Well, if someone flags your email as spam, or your email provider thinks you’re sending out too many emails (a sign of spam), your email could get blacklisted and blocked.
The world of business and marketing has ebbed and flowed over the years in such a way that has been productive to all involved parties. However, on April 21st , Google released a more “mobile friendly” update that could negatively impact those websites not optimized for mobile users.

Greenspoint: Case Study

Our wonderful client, the Greenspoint District, contacted Keystone Resources to help them prepare for the upcoming2015 Offshore Technology Conference. They were looking for marketing materials to help promote the many opportunities that the Greenspoint District has to offer to those working in the Oil and Gas industry.
Our first post in the Proposal Secrets talked about Refining Your Writing. Here we discuss the importance of scheduling tasks to complete your proposal before the deadline. Poor scheduling is one of the most common mistakes in proposal management. With such high stakes, it is imperative that tasks are not rushed and even a one-person, single-day proposal benefits from having a schedule.