Tech Tuesday – Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an online-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows companies and sales teams to track business development efforts. Pipedrive keeps track of our deals at their various stages from prospect to lead and eventually to contract execution.
My favorite project of 2015 was the brand and website refresh for the National Museum of Funeral History. Who wouldn’t love working on a project like this, I mean, we went inside a haunted house after one of our meetings!
The Institute of Real Estate Management "IREM" FoodFest is an annual fundraising event where members cook all types of theme-based foods in hopes of winning the prized People's Choice and Judge's awards. It's always a ton of fun and we love participating and defending our title!
My favorite project of 2015 was a website for McCormack Baron Salazar, a community development company based in St. Louis. This project was the first one that I completed from wireframing to launch. Prior to this site, I would step in during wireframing or homepage design, then hand the project off to be completed.
This year, Keystone Resources sponsored a square at Via Colori and I had the pleasure of being the primary artist. To generate buzz for the event, we created a stop motion video that was a ton of fun! It was an innovative, artistic and fun way to promote our involvement in this charitable event.
I enjoyed working on the Bella Spring logo because it is the first multifamily property where I have had a hand in every aspect that goes into the marketing and branding. With the help of Judith, and the design team at Keystone Resources, I created my first professional logo.
My favorite project at Keystone Resources is the Outreach Program, where we deliver goodie boxes to our clients, vendors and friends. This is truly collaborative effort, first Julie and I brainstorm on the theme and what we want in the boxes.
Search Engine Optimization includes a variety of tactics to improve the quality of your website’s visibility on search engines. In other words, when someone searches for “LASIK surgery in Houston”, those first three to four Google listings (that aren’t ads) have excellent SEO, generally speaking.
Managing a proposal involves many moving parts, including scheduling, selecting your prime and subcontracting firms, ensuring compliance and differentiating your company from the competition. Here are four rules to highlight your company and increase your business.