What do you and 77% of failed businesses have in common? It can be easy for you to not look at your company the way a customer might. At 9am you may have to be the manager, at lunchtime sales support, and close you may even need to act as custodial staff. You wear so
If you’re a business owner you’re probably well aware that Google has to make changes and updates every now and then. Most of the time these changes are minor; a formatting change here, a layout update there. However, last week Google made a big change in what is called the “Google search index.” The Google search index is
Social media is designed to be an immersive experience that captures its users through visuals, interactions and messaging. A vast amount of individuals spend countless hours on their phones engaged in social media without realizing how all of these things affect how we live, think and spend.
We remember what it was like just starting out. You really need advertising, but you don’t have the money you need for it. Social media seem like a solution to this problem, right? It’s free advertising!
Keystone Resources has a certified Conversion Funnel Specialist onboard, and we're hosting a training this month to teach you how to double or even triple your sales! While we are ready to bust out the champagne to celebrate, we realized very quickly that not everyone fully understands why our certification is a big deal for YOUR business!
Do you ever sit down with a blank Word document to write a blog post for your business and find yourself with a case of writer’s block? Without any sort of plan, filling all that white space with words feels impossible. What is it you’re even trying to convey to your audience again?