• "I am thankful for working with people I consider to be my friend. I'm also thankful for cats."-Britt Harris…

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  • Tech Tuesday - MODX January 28, 2016

    Our Lead Developer explains why we love to use MODX for our websites. No technical skills needed to make updates; it's an easy UX for both the client and developer. What more could we need?

    Tech Tuesday - Slack January 28, 2016

    Judith, our graphic design consultant loves Slack for her business and it's been rumored to replace email of several companies. Here are the many reasons why we chose this functional tool for this week's Tech Tuesday post.

    Brand Refresh and Website Development January 6, 2016

    We recently completed a brand refresh and website development project for a Houston museum. Here's a quick overview of what was involved and why we loved working on this project.

    Event Planning and Coordination with a Side of Networking January 5, 2016

    We love participating in the annual IREM FoodFest, we spend several months planning for this event and it's a great networking opportunity.