• "I am thankful for working with people I consider to be my friend. I'm also thankful for cats."-Britt Harris…

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  • FEATURE: Keystone Resources Honored to be one of the HBJ Fast 100 September 23, 2014

    The Houston Business Journal wrote an article about the impeccable growth and successful year Keystone Resources has had in the past year. They also speak about the many different top business lists the company has been named to including one the journal creates itself.

    AIGA Houston Design Loop 2014 September 5, 2014

    Here's a first-hand account of what the Design Loop mentoring program was like for newest Keystone employee Candice Loud.

    A Visit to AirBnB Headquarters August 1, 2014

    Erica talks about her recent trip to the AirBnb headquarters in San Francisco and what she learned from seeing the start-ups office!

    15 Minutes of Fame in 002 Magazine June 20, 2014

    "She's just a small town girl" - okay not really, Chicago is the 3rd largest city in America..but I've always wanted to use that intro. August 25th 2005 I boarded a plane, destination Houston, TX. I looked out the window and stared down at the Chicago skyline as distance grew between me and my hometown of 24 years. A new journey was upon me to become a big fish, in a what I thought was a small pond.