Keystone Resources is Hiring
We are excited to announce that we are looking for an experienced salesperson to join our marketing agency. We're growing as an agency, and with the right person, we will have the ability to grow and succeed even more. If you think you might be the right person (or know the right person), then keep reading!
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Keystone Resources is pleased to announce new ownership as well as a move to the Galleria area! Our Founder, Julie Irvin, has passed the baton to Tina Nguyen of Sugar Land, Texas, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to the family. Together, they have worked tirelessly to craft and execute a fresh strategic vision for the new Keystone Resources, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds.
That’s right. Keystone Resources is the big 1-5 this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. The past 15 years have been so rewarding for us, and we couldn’t have done any of it without your support. To celebrate, we’re giving YOU 15% off any project you start with us between now and August 31st.
You're a smart, capable business owner. No one is debating that. But for whatever reason, you don't have all the clients or customers that you need. Not only that, but you're feeling frustrated.
We often get asked what the difference is between a company’s brand and its identity. After all, we offer branding services as an agency, right? The words “brand” and “branding” have become pretty diluted over the past few years – it seems like everyone’s using them without really knowing what they mean.
We remember what it was like just starting out. You really need advertising, but you don’t have the money you need for it. Social media seem like a solution to this problem, right? It’s free advertising!